Welcome to the Children Sunday school

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13.04.2016 | Категории: News of the monastery and the monastic spiritual and vocational school

Welcome to the Children Sunday school

The Holy Protection of Theotokos Goloseevsky Monastery invites children for 2016/2017 academic year in the Church Sunday School.

This school is aimed for the religious education for children. The basics of the Christian faith and Bible stories are told in the interactive way.

The theoretical course of God’s Law is enriched with a lot of creative workshops (drawing, singing, modelling), educational games and various excursions.

There are the following age groups in our Sunday school: -Junior group (5 – 8 years), – middle group (8 – 11 years), – senior group (11 – 14 years).

Lessons take place by Sundays at 12 a.m. at the classrooms of Monastery Spiritual and Vocational School.

Parents whose children visit the Sunday school are welcome to join the Sunday talks with the monastery’s clergy.

Please call us for the information: +380669754157 (Irina Dmitriyevna), +380973390035 (Olga).





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