Saint Vladimir Church

The small and cozy church named in honor of Equal-to-the-Apostles Great Prince Vladimir is located in one of the most picturesque area of the capital of Ukraine, on the right bank of the Dnieper River, near the metro station “Dnepr” and close to the monument of the founders of Kiev.

On the 24th of July, 2015 it was the fifth anniversary this church was consecrated.

Holy Protection of Theotokos Goloseevsky Monastery (Sviyato-Pokrovskaya Goloseevskaya Pustyn) and the International public organization “The Day of Baptism of Rus” (created in 2006) initiated the construction of this temple-monument.

Great Prince Vladimir was baptized at Chersonesos where he began his epic religious enlightenment of Rus. The several incidents hardly explicit from the human viewpoint proceeded to that significant event. Having been perfectly healthy man, Vladimir suddenly lost his sight and almost became blind. That unfortunate and inexplicable illness made him to take decisive steps and get out of the captivity of the pagan heritage he was connected in origin. It is known that when Prince Vladimir plunged into the baptistery in Chersonesos full of deep faith and hope for the changes in his life and lives of his people, the illness left him and his sight was strengthened by the Grace of God. And not only his sight was regained, Prince got the different vision and the new countdown started for him and for the entire nation converted to Orthodoxy.

“The Christianization of Kievan Rus by Saint Prince Vladimir, the spiritual leader of our nation and the hero of our folk tales, turned into the greatest event in the national history, without which all the best and sublime of our history inextricably linked with the Orthodox faith would not exist. I believe that the Commemoration Day of Grand Prince Vladimir is to be celebrated as the greatest holiday”.
(From the report of His Holiness Patriarch Alexy II)

On the 28th of July, 2015 we celebrated the millennium of the blessed death of Great Prince Vladimir. It is also significant for us that the Saint Vladimir church was consecrated by His Beatitude Metropolitan Vladimir (Sabodan) in honor of the grandson of Holy Princess Olga exactly in Her Memorial Day. This event highlights the importance of Holy Equal-to-the-Apostles Olga for Baptism of Rus and her spiritual unity with her grandson. This small church-monument on the Kiev embankment is dedicated to remind people “where Holy Rus has gone from” and that Slavic people is the indissoluble nation.

Divine services in the Saint Vladimir Church regularly take place by Sundays and the Church Holidays.

The learners of the Monastery Spiritual and Vocational School from the Holy Protection of Theotokos Goloseevsky Monastery sing for the divine services in this church.

Evening Vigil Service begins at 16.30. (for the twelve Great and other Church Feasts and Sundays).

Morning Divine Liturgy begins at 8.30.

The other church sacraments and orders can also be served.

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