“Monasteries are used to lay a quiet haven from the bustle of everyday worries: who come here to relax and revive spiritually”
Abbot John (Alekseev)

Dear brothers and sisters! At the moment, the monastery hotel accepts only pilgrimage groups, by prior reservation.

Holy Protection Holosiivskyi Monastery invites you to a cozy hotel, widely opened its doors to pilgrims from all corners of the earth.

Staying with us, you will be able to venerate St. Alexis Holoseievski, Parfenov Kiev, to visit the tomb of Mother Alipio, and visit all the sights and relics of the glorious city of Kiev.

Booking before your arrival is required.

When checking you must have a passport (original).

+38 (066) 966-62-03
+38 (067) 910-61-48

The monastery has a refectory, which is open from 7:00 to 19:00.

Monastic refectory

+ 38 (096) 043-49-06

1st floor:

  • 8 rooms, each of which can accommodate 20 people (ten bunk beds).
  • Toilets for men and women on the floor
  • The shower is located on the first floor (common to the first and second floors).
  • Payment for accommodation – 50 hryvnia per bed (1st floor)

2nd floor:

  • Male and female numbers from 9 to 10 places
  • Toilets for men and women on the floor
  • The shower is on the ground floor
  • The cost of 100 hryvnia

3rd floor:

  • Numbers from 3 to 7 places
  • Bathroom in each room
  • Price list on the 3rd floor:
    3-seater – 600 hryvnia;
    4-seater – 800 hryvnia;
    5 local – 1000 hryvnia;
    6-seater – 1200 hryvnia;
    7-seater – 1400 hryvnia.

4th floor:

  • Numbers with 2-3 places
  • Bathroom in each room
  • air-conditioned rooms
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